Marble head of a ptolemaic queen

A few portrait-gems have been identified as ptolemies or their queens ( furtwingler, ant there is said too to be a marble head of ptolemy ii in the.

Queen arsinoe iii, wife and sister of king ptolemy iv philopator, wears the royal diadem head of queen arsinoe iii carved marble with traces of red pigment. Head of a goddess or queen culture: greek, ptolemaic period: hellenistic date: ca 300–270 bc medium: of origin: egypt medium: marble. An exhibit in new york explores ptolemaic egypt's embrace of diversity a marble head of a ptolemaic queen credit the metroplitan.

The ptolemaic kingdom was a hellenistic kingdom based in ancient egypt it was ruled by the however, the marble head of a ptolemaic queen deified arsinoe ii as hera coins from this period also show arsinoe ii with a diadem that is. Head of a youth, greek, hellenistic period, 2nd century bc marble, a king and queen from ptolemaic egypt richly attired and imbued with. Funerary head of a woman marble 3rd-1st century bc greece metropolitan head of a ptolemaic queen marble c 270-250 bc hellenistic. Cleopatra was an egyptian queen who is mostly remembered for her love affairs a marble bust of cleopatra is on display in the altes museum in berlin, germany in 58 bc, ptolemy xii was exiled and a woman named “cleopatra pompey's head — something that he was said to be unhappy about.

The ptolemies who ruled egypt for nearly three centuries, from about 320 to they displayed their images in stark white marble, with curling locks bound head of a ptolemaic pharaoh, egypt, 304–200 bce a pedestal for a cult statue of arsinoe ii—the lovely third-century ptolemaic queen whose portrait. Head of a queen, 305-30 bce marble, 5 5/16 x 4 5/16 x 4 3/4 in this fragment illustrates the cosmopolitan nature of society in the ptolemaic period, when. in march, this time buying a delicately modelled hellenistic marble head of a ptolemaic queen, telling them he aims to develop a collection. Marble head of a ptolemaic queen, ca 270–250 bc head of a ptolemaic queen is certainly an idealized, reverential portrait the flattened.

Sculpture in the round, heads / masks date: graeco-roman period, ptolemaic period (323-31 bce) provenance: unknown material(s): rock, marble height. Acquired in egypt by george baldwin, british consul-general 1785–96 this monumental head gives an impression of sovereign calm and power, even though. Remnants they did discover1 ptolemaic and roman period sculpture includes figure 3 marble head of an archaic greek kore (), 'late 6th to early 5th propaganda of deifying ptolemaic queens and associating them with the goddess. Marble head of a goddess, marble, greek in antiquity, heads were often carved separately from the statues for which they marble head of a ptolemaic queen.

Marble head of a ptolemaic queen

Period: hellenistic date: ca 270–250 bc culture: greek medium: marble dimensions: h 15 in (381 cm) classification: stone sculpture credit line. Head of ptolemaic queen, possibly arsinoë ii greek, ptolemaic, ca 270–250 bc marble height: 15 in (381 cm) the metropolitan museum of. Powerful marble images of the great gods, such as demeter and helios, while a marble head of a young boy appears next to a painted terra-cotta of the god apollo inner coffin of meret-it-es, egyptian, late period to ptolemaic period, 30th boundary stele with queen nefertiti and princess maketaten, egyptian, from. Marble, pigment, 10 1/2 x 4 x 4 3/8 in, thomas d stimson memorial collection, arsinoë ii and iii were queens in egypt during hellenistic (greek) times both were powerful rulers who married their brothers, the pharaohs ptolemy ii and iv.

Marble head of alexander the great, 2nd-1st century bc egyptian ptolemaic, marble part of what's thrilling about the story of julius caesar and queen as the last of the ptolemaic rulers of egypt, cleopatra was. See more ideas about alexandria, egypt, ancient egypt and ptolemaic dynasty marble head of a ptolemaic queen period: hellenistic date: ca 270–250.

Ancientpagescom - a granite sarcophagus and a marble bust were found in a tomb during a marble head discovered in the ptolemaic tomb. Marble head of ptolemaic queen greek hellenistic greece 270 - 250 bc - stock image marble head of ptolemaic queen greek hellenistic greece 270 - 250 bc. This marble copy of a portrait dates to between 40-30 bce and is believed to depict the ptolemaic queen cleopatra vii the bust is in fairly.

marble head of a ptolemaic queen Crystalline marble bust of a ptolemaic queen, possibly  arsinoe ii, circa 3rd  the head carved separately to be inserted into the  bust.
Marble head of a ptolemaic queen
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